Charge Your Body with Summer Salad

The summer is here & everyone wants to take nutritious food like salad. So here it is Green summer salad enriched with fiber, multi vitamins & minerals that fulfill all your body needs rapidly.

Various studies have demonstrated that the health benefits of the diet that can help in weight reduction reduce insulin secretion and lowering the risk of hypertension, diabetes & Cardiovascular disease.

Four stages to making that ultimate mixed green salad are:

Charge your body with summer salad

1.Choose a base:

Leafy greens

Seasonal raw

Roasted vegetables


Boiled organic eggs


Nuts and seeds

3.Add some taste!



Salt and pepper

4.Super foods:


Turmeric dukkah

Ground golden flaxseed

These are simply suggestions, everybody has their own taste, but following these steps mean, it can make your serving of mixed greens salad making considerably.

High Fiber diets are highly effective in reducing Bad Cholesterol & prevents from the stomach disorder. It can make you feel full & helps in controlling your diet.

By taking of salad, you can increase your antioxidants level such as Vitamin B9, E, & Vitamin C. These antioxidants help in protecting from free radicals which are harmful to the body & promote cancer. And if you wanna start reducing your weight, start with the mixed green salad.

Something else to recall is that still, you require good fats, similar to the monounsaturated fat found in olive oil, avocado, and nuts. When you Add a little olive oil to your plate of mixed greens salad, there might be some extra benefits for you. The five nutritional categories to dependably remember while making your plates of mixed greens salad are vegetables, natural products, protein, grains, and dairy.

Whey protein is the most effective & perfect protein for sprinters Becoz it contains amino acids for building muscle.

You can add some Additional items in your mixed green salad, for example, red ringer peppers, yellow squash, carrots, avocado, splendid red tomatoes, mandarin oranges and dried fruits all get their hues from the vitamins, minerals, and cell reinforcements making them nourishing powerhouses.