Ultimate Shoulder Workout For Men & Women

Ultimate Shoulder or we can say ‘deltoids’ are the most important part of our body to attract others. Some recommendations for the ultimate shoulder workout, Keep the body in position while doing shoulder workout.

Our “deltoids” are used in so many fitness workouts, so be careful in doing deltoids(Ultimate Shoulder Workout) work-out. There are some following tips to build your Shoulder muscles: 

Best Exercise For Shoulders

  • Seated Dumbbell Press
  • Front Raise
  • Lateral Raises
  • Reverse Fly’s
  • Up-right Cable Row
  • Up-right barbell Row

Seated Dumbbell Press  

It is an ultimate shoulder workout to build your front & side deltoids(Ultimate Shoulder Workout). It is basic shoulder workout to make the massive shoulder.

Ultimate Shoulder Workout-seated-dumbbell-press-gym4ol.com

Initial Position:  Take a deltoids press bench & a pair of dumbbells. Press your back against the back of the bench. Keep your knee in V shape & your feet on the floor. Grab the dumbbell above your shoulder level.  

Activity: Lift the dumbbell up above your head until your arms almost get straight & slowly down the dumbbell into its initial position. Keep one thing in your mind that your elbow should be in locked state.

Front Raise

It is a best body weight training program to isolate front head of the shoulder muscles. It is an ultimate shoulder workout to work this part of the deltoids.

Ultimate Shoulder Workout-front-raise-gym4ol.com

Initial Position: First of all, take a couple of dumbbell in both hand. Straight your arms, throughout this workout. Keep one thing in mind this time your arms should not be locked.

Activity: Uplift the dumbbell in your left hand in-front of your body in wide arc until it slightly higher to its shoulders height. And smoothly down the dumbbell while simultaneously uplift the dumbbell in your another hand, so both arms are working on the same time.

Lateral Raise

It is an amazing workout to isolate your shoulder from outside. During this workout, be prepared to feel satisfying.

Ultimate Shoulder Workout-lateral-raise-gym4ol.com

Initial Position: Take a couple of dumbbell in each hand, stand up-right with your deltoids-width apart & keep your arms at your side.

Activity: Keep your arms straight, raise the dumbbell out and up to the sides until they are slightly higher than deltoids(Ultimate Shoulder) level. Pause, lower them slowly back to your sides.

Reverse Fly’s

It is an extremely effective workout for rear shoulder. The key is to take “right” amount of weight, to maintain good posture.

Ultimate Shoulder Workout-Reverse Fly’s-gym4ol.com

Initial Position: Take an incline bench and set to its lowest possible angle. Take a pair of the dumbbell in each hand & lie face down on the incline bench. Extend your arms in-front of you so that they are perpendicular to the angle of the bench.

Activity: Slightly bend your elbows, raise the dumbbells by uplifting your arms apart in arc motion. Continue moving your elbows until the weight are either side of your head. Pause, lower the dumbbell slowly into its initial position.

Up-right Cable Row

Up-right cable row is an extremely great workout to polish your deltoids(Ultimate Shoulder) by zeroing in on the front shoulder.

Ultimate Shoulder Workout-upright-cable-row-gym4ol.com

Initial Position: Keep your legs bend, & take a short straight bar, your hand about deltoids-width apart. Let the short straight bar hang straight down in-front of you. Keep 1 thing in mind, keep your wrist & body straight.

Activity: Lift the short straight bar up-towards your chin, & lower the bar slowly to its initial position. Keep your back straight through-out the shoulder workout.

Up-right Barbell Row

Like the previous workout, this workout targets the trapezius & your front shoulder. By this, you can gain more muscles in your deltoids.

Ultimate Shoulder Workout-up-right-barbell-row-gym4ol.com

Initial Position: First of all, take a barbell with your hands about the shoulder. Let the bar lower-down in-front of you. Keep one thing in mind that, keep your wrists & body straight.

Activity: Lift the bar upward to your chin, & keeping it close to your body. You just focus on isolating your Shoulder muscles in front of your deltoids & upper-back. And lower the barbell slowly to the Initial Position.